getstream is a great tool for streaming one whole DVB-S transponder to a local area network as multicast, with one multicast group per channel. Note that getstream is NOT my work, it was written by Florian Lohoff, and has its own homepage.
getstream-poempel is my modified version of getstream, based on getstream-20051129, which will most likely never be integrated into the original getstream, because its author chose to do channel configuration and unicast-streaming in a different way.
It has the following additional features compared to getstream-20051129 (note that the original getstream has been developed a lot further since then, so it offers most of this features as well!):  


getstream, as well as my modification of it, is released under the GNU GPL.
Current version: Sourcecode (ver. 20110319) as .tar.gz
Historic changelog (previous versions):
Previous versions:
Sourcecode (ver. 20070210) as .tar.gz
Sourcecode (ver. 20060526) as .tar.gz


getstream uses libevent, so you need libevent and libevent-dev (or whatever the names of the respective packages in your distribution are) installed, or getstream will not compile.
If you have the necessary libraries, it should be enough to unpack the tarball, and run "make". This should create two main binaries, getstream and streamforwarder.


Some example scripts (*.sh) showing how to use getstream are included in the tarball, and there is also a Perl script that will automatically create the commandline for streaming a whole transponder.
Also included are two example channel configuration files, one for DVB-T in Nuremberg and one for DVB-S from the Astra Satellites. However, if you use a different satellite system, or DVB-T in a city other than nuremberg, you will have to create your own channel configuration. This modified version of getstream just uses the normal output generated by the scan command. See the manpage for scan for instructions on how to use it. To create the config just run
scan [fill in your parameters here] > mydvbrc
and then pass the mydvbrc file to getstream as a commandline argument: getstream [...] -f mydvbrc  

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